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Save and share small parts of videos rather than having to keep the whole thing

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Published 21 Sep 2015

[cont'd] small video clips in one place.

While we'd like to think that most of us would put up with the inconvenience of saving a complete video to their computer when we only want to watch a couple of minutes of it, the truth is that most of us wont bother. It will more than likely go into the too-hard basket and the video will be lost in the maelstrom of videoland forever. Eclips makes it easy to save the best bits in a instant and share them with friends via your favorite social network or by email. Whats more, the app has a very powerful search engine for searching for short videos that have been personally curated by others. These segments of video are parsed by keywords made by users rather than by the normal video/audio recognition technology and can be easily searched as you would a regular document.

Bloggers will love Eclips because clipping a video to an event just became ten times as fast. Rather than having to locate a video for an event - or filming it themselves - then either downloading or uploading it, users can simply clip the part that they want to their article and embed it directly into their website.

While YouTube's 'watch later' feature is great for keeping track of videos that you want to keep track of, it's much more convenient for short videos than for long ones. Eclips, on the other hand, excels as a place...