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Eclipse.TV is an internet television portal featuring a directory of several hundred video on ... More

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Published 13 Sep 2011

The future of TV watching is probably going to be web based where video on demand networks and applications are the primary source for content rather than your traditional cable or satellite channel. Eclipse.TV works as a complimentary service to Google TV or Boxes. It's a free cloud based Internet portal featuring a directory of several hundred video on demand channels, live stations, video streams, and television-centric apps. The site also features a launchpad of visual bookmarks, where you can save your favorite channels, apps, streams, or sites for quick access.

Eclipse.TV was primarily designed for set top boxes and home theater PCs. The portal is presented through a 1280 × 720 pixel leanback interface (10’ ui) with simple layouts, large fonts, oversized icons, and keyboard/remote navigation. If viewing from a couch distance it is best experienced on atleast a 30” HDTV. Since the site/app is built for widescreen television resolutions you may need to zoom out if you plan to use it on displays smaller than 1280px, ie netbooks, tablets, small laptops. Likewise you may need to zoom in on larger screen resolutions. If your system has an HDMI output then connect it to your TV for the best experience. Then just sit back and browse your channels, apps, and more from the comforts of your couch.

Well it looks like a million dollars for a start.Hundreds of channels, apps and streams at your fingertips. While it probably isn't an alternative...