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Published 13 Jan 2013

It would be nice to think that, in these times of undoubted climate change, the general public would be ready to try and find their inner greenness. Unfortunately, most of us are pretty lazy when it comes to environmental issues and, unless it is laid out in front of us, we put it in the 'too-hard' basket. A good way to get the message across is, of course, the app and there are a lot of great eco-friendly apps out there that will certainly educate. Sadly, they can get overlooked in the thousands of apps that get released each year. EcoAppsFree is a new iOS application that offers all sorts of paid eco-friendly apps free for a 24 our period. It gives you the chance to try them out and increase your green knowledge and gives developers the chance to put their eco-friendly new apps under the noses of potential customers.
In order for an app to be called 'eco' it needs to fulfill at least one of three important requirements. It must either do good for the planet or people, save nature resources or replace a real-life object with a digital equivalent. This means thinks like creating an e-book rather than a paper one or using an alarm clock app instead of a physical alarm clock. Eco apps form part of the new generation of smartphone applications that provide meaningful information that can make a positive social and environmental impact on our lives. Unfortunately, many of these apps get overlooked in the logjam of new apps so EcoAppsFree does something to redress the balance. In a nutshell, it delivers paid eco-based smartphone apps for free for a period of 24-hours. The idea behind the app is to provide a more efficient way of sifting through thousands of apps to find eco-friendly ones. Users can download the apps without paying and then provide recommendations if the app is a worthy purchase. It is free, fast and easy to sign up at and developers can also take advantage from this platform to pitch and promote their own eco apps.
EcoAppsFree gives the interested ecologically-minded app user the chance to effectively 'try before you buy' on eco-friendly apps. It also gives developers the chance to test out their new apps in front of an interested audience and have the opportunity to pick up new clients through word of mouth. It's not cheap for the developer to promote their products but this app could be considered a cost effective way of getting their eco-friendly app out to potential customers via their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It's easy to use and free for the viewer and gives everyone the chance to get the information to help design a better sustainable planet.

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