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Ecolane's mobile app, built from the ground up, meets and exceeds those expectations and is a mature and functional addition to our product offering. Freely downloadable today and available on both iOS and Android platforms, see how Ecolane’s mobile app can simplify an agency's operations and improve the lives of the riders for whom they're responsible.

Ecolane is the most flexible, affordable and reliable choice for transit agencies looking for transit scheduling software. Our easy-to-deploy, demand-response scheduling and dispatching platform empowers directors and managers alike to provide safe, accessible, and affordable transit alternatives to people who might not otherwise have community access and mobility.

With the ultimate goal of providing transit management teams with superior technological solutions that work to increase productivity, maximize efficiency, and improve the rider experience, Ecolane develops superior transit software to enable agencies to meet rising transit demands. Our continued innovation in the industry is a result of our supportive and dynamic relationships with our customers, as we work and learn together to improve mobility services.

Streamlined scheduling operations
By providing riders with the opportunity to book their trips directly through the app at any time of day, even outside of business hours, the volume of incoming calls is significantly reduced. The mobile app is fully integrated with Ecolane’s DRT platform and provides all the power of real-time scheduling and continuous optimization inside the convenience of a mobile phone. No manual scheduling is required by dispatch.

Decreased trip loss
Automatic push notifications remind riders of scheduled/upcoming trips, significantly reducing no-shows and same-day cancellations.

Last updated 21 Oct 2019

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