Developer description

Ecorche is an anatomy learning app specifically for artists. Knowledge of anatomy is crucial for creating vivid and believable portraits or characters.

The app has an intuitive interface for easy navigation through 4 layers of facial anatomy:
• Skeletal — the foundation of the body, the bony landmarks help us track the muscles.
• Muscular — muscles give the body its basic shape.
• Fat — fat pads have a major effect on the shape of the face.
• Skin — skin is a layer with more subtle features for an artist to capture.

Skin, fat and muscular layers can be viewed in translucency ("X-Ray mode") to explore the layers relationships.

In the "Gypsum Mode", you can turn your model into a sculpture.

You can also customize the three-point lighting to your taste and thus study shape, value and color.

The "Lex" model is created by the talented artist Kent Trammell from CG Cookie.

Last updated 11 Oct 2021

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