Developer description

EcoSlips converts ordinary paper slips into digital, eco-friendly transaction slips. Use it to store a proof of payment, send prescriptions to pharmacies and submit business expense claims to employers.

An EcoSlip may consist of a scanned receipt, expense claim, screen clip or any other electronic message that can be sent by retailers, pharmacies or even from your own computer.

You may create EcoSlips manually on your phone or participating retailers can send digital slips to your phone when you provide them with a unique PIN number.

Some of the things you can do;

• Take a snapshot of any paper slip or receipt and store it online where it is always available from any location.

• Capture expense items, such as kilometres travelled, hours worked and items produced and send them in a neatly formatted report to your employer.

• Take a snapshot of your prescription while you're still at the doctor's consulting room and send it to almost any pharmacy in SA.

Pharmacies can reply with a free confirmation message when the medicine is ready to collect.

You may also send repeat prescriptions.

If a pharmacy is not yet listed, their contact details can be added manually.

• Store all you shopping-, membership- and loyalty card numbers in the app so that they're always available wherever you are.

Cards from your medical aid, retailers (Makro, Edgars, Woolworths, etc) can all be stored in the app.

We also provide a free desktop application to capture snippets or screen shots from your computer screen and send them to any EcoSlips enabled phone.

Send tickets, directions, maps, contact details, addresses and any other useful information easily from your computer to your cell phone where its available all the time, at any location!

Last updated 22 Feb 2018

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