Developer description

Edicitve is a professional solution for a film, TV and broadcast professional. Perfect for a large demanding project were traditional project management approach does not fit with the talent management requirements in the film and TV industry. Edictive looks after five key areas of production management:
Portfolio management. High level portfolio management and full enterprise level user management.
Project management. We have a project dashboard for the entire team to collaborate together here.
Project budget, project file management and advanced script breakdown facility.
Pre-Production: A library of management tools for your film project Cast, Crew, Location management. As well as client, stakeholder and investor management as well as production assets and props.
Production: This area of Edictive, a filmmaking app focusses on task, milestone management and scheduling. Your project shoot list and structured storyboarding.
Finally the callsheet module brings the entire project together buy automatically notifying the project team of the actual production dates and locations automatically. Post-production and distribution: this is all your asset management, distributor management and clip and cuts management for your production.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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