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Published 8 Oct 2011

It’s difficult to see how 900,000 people could get it wrong and in the case of EFactor I don’t think they have.

As a business networking site it aims to put together all of the necessary connections to enable entrepreneurs, funders and advisors to collaborate and get new businesses off the ground.

It’s a free site and joining is quick and easy. You’ll need to build a profile but this is no more arduous than doing one for LinkedIn or Facebook. In this case you’ll need to state whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for funding or technical help or if you’re approaching it from the other side.

Drop down menus will help you enter you’re areas of expertise and if you’re signing up as an advisor/funder you’ll be invited to write a few words how exactly you feel you could help.

There is a wealth of stuff on the site and you can search for contacts and invite others to join and build up a network. You can also browse the Get Answers section and see if you can help clear up any questions members have.

The site even has a jobs listing page showing available opportunities worldwide and any business needing to appoint suitable board members can display their requirements as well.

This is truly a network generator designed to bring the key elements for business creation and growth together rather than being a facilitator for funding arrangements. For that very reason it has the potential input...