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Published 15 Aug 2013

There has been an awful lot of talk over the last few years about climate change and what we can do about it. Whether you believe that we humans are someway responsible for its more rapid onset over the last twenty years or so or are one of the few that think it's a cyclical problem that we can do little about, there is no doubt that something is not quite right out there. The bizarre weather patterns across the US this year, not to mention the rest of the world, show us that we have a problem. It has even been an election issue and, in Australia, the 'Carbon Tax' will be one of the major reasons that the sitting Government will get kicked out shortly despite having one of the most vibrant economies in the world. One thing's for sure. Electricity prices are rising at a rapid rate - much of which has been irresponsibly blamed purely on Carbon Taxes whereas expensive infrastructure and some very creative accounting from electricity companies have seemed to be far more relevant. The fact is, most of us are in the dark when it comes to electricity prices and what we can do to reduce them. Efergy Engage is a brilliant new electricity monitoring and management application for iOS and Android that displays all the information you need to know about your electricity consumption. It shows you ways to reduce your consumption,save money and help the environment with simple to read graphs, displays and a vast amount of information.
What most people fail to realize when it comes to reducing our electricity consumption is that most of the responsibility lays with us - the consumer. The more knowledge we have the more we can save. Efergy Engage let's you check your home energy consumption anytime and from anywhere you like with this easy to use app for iPhone and iPad and Android.  Engage has been developed to help you monitor your electricity use and manage your energy data online. Extensive research has proven that real-time feedback on energy use leads to greater energy awareness and thus to behavioural change. With the engage app it is possible to do this while you are on the move. The Engage portal, from efergy, has been developed under the principle that energy resources can be better managed simply by managing energy usage. Through making energy visible, Engage is designed to help you save energy. The app's technology helps you monitor and manage energy in real-time through a "Dashboard" that is accessible through any web browser, smart phone and tablets. It's a powerful tool that will help you understand your energy consumption habits. By monitoring your consumption you can reduce your carbon emissions and save money on your electricity bills. Engage users are building a community that will help you view your usage against similar homes and see how you are doing. The community will be a great way to share, compare, compete and learn, giving you even further incentive to reduce your bills and do your bit for the environment. You can choose any widget and the type of data you want the app to display. While the app is free, you will need to purchase an energy hub kit in order for your energy to be monitored. However, you should be able to get that back with the money you save after installation.
The simple fact is, the best way to reduce our electricity consumption is to take control and monitor usage and Efergy Engage is a free app that gives you that power with a plethora or data. It allows you to access your home electricity through a secure portal that allows you to monitor, reduce and save - even when you are out and about or away from home. What many fail to realize when looking at Governmental measures to reduces energy consumption is that they are trying to retrain us to become more more energy efficient. To find cheaper and more cost effective ways to reduce our usage. So, turn those lights of when you leave a room and turn off unneeded electrical units when they are not in use - including your computer. Now if only we could convince big business to turn off office lights at night. While a city skyline looks so pretty with all those lights, that's one easy way to say a heck of a lot of money every year. Efergy Engage is part of the next generation of energy monitors. Take advantage of an excellent, easy to use, very convenient and free app that will save you money...and help the environment too.

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