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efridge allows you to share your notes, photos, and videos on a virtual fridge that your friends ... More

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Published 16 Jan 2012

Sorry for the pun but I’m afraid this  one leaves me a bit cold (Ed - there goes another rib...).  What’s funny is that a lot of apps promote their ability to help you cut down on clutter such as scraps of paper and Post-It notes whereas this one actively encourages you to recreate the same squalid looking mess  on your PC rather than stuck to your fridge door. If you’re a Facebook user you can create an account and set up your own efridge and what’s more you can post notes on any Facebook user’s efridge. Just why you’d want to is a complete mystery to me. If you’ve already gone to the trouble creating a Facebook account to keep in touch with your friends, share photographs and  flag events then why on earth would you want to duplicate the process by way of this strange little app.

OK so it might appeal to kids and I suppose anything that gets them learning what the cyber world has to offer shouldn’t be disregarded as long as it’s free. The kids also might be the only ones who can comfortably work out how to use it as their young eyes might actually be able to focus on the video demonstration. On my laptop, on normal view the text was totally unreadable and on full screen it just turned into a blur and so it seems pointless to ask them to screen it at my local cinema in order that I might get the hang of the technical aspects!

Technical aspects aside I think I’ll stick to what I know. If I want to communicate with my friends I’ll use Facebook, email or perhaps even the old fashioned art of conversation. And if I want to stick a note somewhere to remind me to buy some milk then the large metallic looking appliance in my kitchen that is, dare I say it, a real fridge, probably seems like as good a place as any.


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