Developer description

Find your next experience through Egg—the app that allows you to create and share location-based content with your friends, followers, or anyone around you.

Simply put, Egg is a social map. This gives everyone the ability to post content to the shared map.

Here are some examples of Eggs that you might find on the map:

“Theres actually a better view at this restaurant, and it’s less crowded”

“I play basketball here every day at 6 if anyone wants to play”

“This is a list of my favorite hikes”

Drop an egg in person and it’s only viewable by those near it. Want to keep an egg? Save it to your personal map. Are you posting lots of eggs with a similar theme? Create a collection to group eggs together in a separate map. Egg also allows you to create and search for activities. With Egg, you can connect with your communities or discover and explore any area like a local.

Currently available for download from the iOS store.

Last updated 4 Nov 2021

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