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The sexual technique that you can keep on your bedside table

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Published 2 Oct 2018

[cont'd] system. This can lead to them becoming too aroused too easily during coitus. They tend to get excited too quickly as their breathing rate and breathing pattern changes. Rather than breathing slowly from their lower lungs they tend to breathe rapidly and shallowly from their upper lungs leading to a sympathetic overdrive and a faster heart rate that can lead to early ejaculation.  

EjaContro will help guys to develop a pattern of breathing during intercourse that helps them relax and stimulates the parasympathetic (resting) nervous system - helping to 'hold back' ejaculation. This is where the mobile comes into its own. The breathing technique is backed up during intercourse by visuals of an inverted triangular figure where the animation of its sides coincides wth your breathing phases. The animated triangle of breathing will be played while you make love and guides your breathing patterns during intercourse. You will deeply inhale on the left border, hold your breath on the upper border and exhale on the right border. Binaural beats will be played in the background and tones with a different frequency are delivered to each ear through headphones - helping you to relax and increasing your serotonin levels. Furthermore, the app will teach you a strategy for the depth and speed of thrusts during intercourse using the shaded circles on the sides of the triangle. 

Apart from the breathing and sound therapies, EjaContro also informs you about other important complementary methods and strategies like the Continuous Reverse Kegels (CRK...