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Nowadays it’s quite usual to see children using tablets, they are experts in electronic technology from an early age and they really master the use of them. Due to that, why not make the most of it and give your child a chance to learn with your device? This new game presents the idea of ​​"Learning through play", a simple and fun method to learn while they just play; for example, they can learn to relate different shape and sizes or learn new words, such as in this case; vehicle names.
This new game called EkiMuki introduces three new mini-games in which children can develop their intellect: - Build With this game the child learns to coordinate touch and sight; working the movement precision, and helps to recognize different forms. All that will have influence in your child’s mobility.
After a short while, you will notice your child’s positive evolution.
- Memorize Memorama
- It’s perfect for the youngest in the household! It exercises their memory as well as being very entertaining. The different levels of difficulty helps improving their memory capacity. It is a good game to play in groups or even with adults.
- Order Aimed at the more experienced kids!
The race will not start if the cars are not well ordered in the starting line! A funny way to learn number sequences. Provide your children with knowledge while they enjoy a nice time using the tablet! You will see how they have fun and how they evolve with the activities proposed in EkiMuki.
Don’t miss the opportunity to watch their evolution; it will help you to know at what point they are and what new goals they might need.

Last updated 13 Jul 2014

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