Developer description is an online text-to-video platform that allows you to produce personalized AI videos with a presenter using only text. It's a robust SaaS solution for video creation with 65+ languages available for translation and a selection of 20+ digital avatars to choose from. Elai's builder allows for the creation of completely customizable video slides, which can include text, audio, media, animations, and other features. There is also the option to request your own digital avatar or the cartoon avatar of the company’s mascot.

Production of video content has become a regular issue due to challenges with location and studio concerns, reshoots, and scheduling. Videos may also be difficult to localize, which leads to audience limits. It takes a lot of time and money to make a professional video. The creative process is made arduous and boring by traditional video editing tools. Producing interesting video content does not need expensive technology or a large cast.

Using Elai, you can transform any text into a video in only a few clicks. Companies are now able to develop better and more tailored videos much more rapidly using this leading platform for creating AI-generated video content. By combining an efficient production pipeline with human-centered content, Elai can truly transform video production.

Elai’s solution is beneficial for companies that incorporate any form of video into their content strategy. All in all, our probable use cases include (but are not limited to) explainers, HR onboarding, eLearning, e-commerce, corporate communications, real estate, news generator, and more.

Last updated 26 Jul 2022

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