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Published 18 Mar 2014

I'm not sure what it is but we all seem to be completely fascinated with anything to do with outer space. I guess the romance started when Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space and was cemented into our cerebrum when Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon. The views of earth that were taken from up there were truly breathtaking and we've been in love with those images ever since. There have been plenty of sky and space apps that have tried to recapture those moment but very few have come close to making us gasp the way that Elevation Earth does. This beautiful looking education app for iOS and Android lets you explore our planet like no other using 3D effects to show our terrain - from the bottom of the ocean to the top of the highest mountain.
Elevation Earth lets you explore your planet in a way you've never quite imagined. It delivers a quick, fun and totally adaptable way of helping us understand a little bit more about the Earth's terrain, using some quite unique features. Most striking of these is the Exaggerated Elevation feature that gives different levels of elevation, with each level enhancing the contrast of the terrain by a different percentage. The Sea Level Control lets you adjust the water level up and down, showing detail beneath the oceans and how the planet would look without water. Elevation Earth is a great app to teach students - not to mention some of our politicians - all about climate change and it's effect on our planet. Dynamic Elevation Coloring displays different water levels in color and automatically changes as you manually adjust the sea level. The Surface and Volume Info gives you the water surface area and water volumes both of which can be displayed in metric or imperial units. Elevation Earth highlights over 300 specific locations that all have a unique and special importance from an elevation perspective. These include the highest and lowest elevations, various important cities and towns, various islands and even different types of shipwrecks that may be dotted around the oceans. To view them best, you can use the 3D navigation to control the angle and viewpoint and get the perfect viewing angles needed.
While Elevation Earth is primarily an education application it's also one hell of a lot of fun. The app's 3D terrain model of the world we live in, is a fast and user-friendly way of getting to know the ups and downs of the planet. You can easily zoom in and out of the terrain as well as rotating, panning and tilting to get exactly the right image. It's like a living, breathing National Geographic that you can adjust and play with and is ideal for all ages. It is a breathtaking experience for both the interested amateur as well as the avid geologist - showing every inch of the planet. The scariest part is watching where the floods come when the sea levels are manually adjusted. Whether you a serious student or just want to be blissed out by the beauty of our planet, Elevation Earth is a fabulous viewing experience for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android that is worth every cent of its three bucks cost.

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