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Amazing moving wallpapers ONLY for iPhone 6s & 6s Plus, iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus and iPhone X! Optimized for iOS 11! Make your iPhone look awesome!

Do you want to customize your iOS device wallpaper and lock screen with some awesome and amazing Live Wallpapers? Do you want to get the best Live wallpapers that can let your device screen looks amazing and not boring? Do you want a powerful app that can turn your videos or images into stunning live wallpaper? Do you want to change the classic smartphone wallpaper and get some fresh and new ones? If your answer is yes then you will have to download and install Live Wallpapers because it is the perfect app for you right now.

This new Live Wallpapers app contains a very large selection of the best live wallpapers. All our wallpapers have been personally selected so you can personalize your device and let it looks great. And the best thing is that all our moving wallpapers are in a very high quality, so you can use them on your screen without loosing their original quality.
And the best thing is that you can easily import photos or videos from your library and create a live wallpaper from them and set it as wallpaper.

Why you need to download and install Live Wallpapers app for Free on your iOS device instead of other wallpaper apps?

- Very Easy Interface to use, you can easily find a very large collection of awesome wallpapers.

- Beautiful live wallpapers that you will love. They were selected very carefully by our team.

- Create your own live wallpaper from your existing photos or videos easily.

- We will update our app regularly and add some awesome live backgrounds that you will love every day!

What you are waiting for? Download Live Wallpapers now and customize your iOS device home screen easily and fastly!

Last updated 17 Nov 2017

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