Developer description

At elocance, we're reimagining how people consume content on the go, by giving reading a voice. We're a productivity app for professionals that creates personal podcasts of their preferred content (articles, documents, newsletters) saving time and giving access to knowledge on the go. We're doing this by creating complementary tech to existing synthetic voices and making audio accessible and enjoyable to use for personal and professional development.

With elocance, you can turn your reading list into a playlist, allowing you to save time by listening on the go. Save PDFs, docs and articles to the app, then turn them to audio and listen while commuting, exercising, cooking etc. Be hands-free while listening to all the things you normally don't have time to read.

Find all your favorite newsletters directly in the app (The Hustle, Morning Brew etc.) so you can get a head start before even arriving at the office.

Listen with HD voices and pick your favorite gender, style and accent to read to you.

The app is easy to use and you can even add web articles straight from your desktop via the Chrome extension. You can also forward your emails to [email protected] and they’ll magically appear in the app.

Create playlists of all your favorite content and then listen to them later. Choose articles or documents based on the length of your commute. Imagine becoming an expert in something by the time you're done with your workout.

Most importantly, it helps boost your development both personally and professionally. Whether you are too busy to have time to read, have a learning disability or just prefer listening instead of reading, elocance makes it easy to consume YOUR preferred content.

Last updated 18 May 2020

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