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Developer description

We've all had them secret crushes which we never expressed and must have wondered what if he/she actually liked us too.
Team ELOP believes not one opportunity to find true love be missed out. That's exactly why we developed ELOP/ The Express Love App a secure and private platform to convey love.
More than 50% percent of the relationships happen between people who are in the same community connected through friends/family.
While our Peer Apps connects you with random people online, we provide you an option to connect with that classmate, that colleague or a friend of friend who belongs to your Facebook community .
ELOP helps you convey love anonymously to your secret crush. An opportunity to interact with your special one by sending hints and song dedications . Completely anonymous. No sharing, Tagging or posting.
We believe there is more to finding love than a compatible profile. We believe its the connect that matter not just match conversions.
As per our current analytic s, we are receiving 10 match conversions for every 100 users!
Try ELOP app at https://www.elopapp.com/crush/ Contact us ,share your valuable views and feedback at [email protected] for more info.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015