Developer description

Elucidat is e-learning authoring software that solves the challenges that high volume, high performance e-learning authoring teams experience when using desktop-based authoring software built for individuals. We are dedicated to improving the lives of high performance e-learning teams by making software that ensures the process of authoring, publishing and maintaining e-learning is as easy and pain free as possible.

Our beliefs
We believe that learners should be able to learn whenever and wherever they want and shouldn’t be constrained by the device they are using.

We believe that e-learning authoring should be Fast, Collaborative and Fun; you shouldn’t be slowed down by unnecessary technical problems.

We believe there should be no source file issues, no compatibility issues with Learning Management Systems, no issues with delivering courses to different mobile devices.

We believe it should just work.... Fast.

Our mission is to be the fastest and simplest way for teams to author engaging mobile e-learning for ANY device.

Education is one of the final competitive advantages. We believe the faster a company learns the faster they will get ahead

Last updated 12 Apr 2014