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Your own personal concierge to recommend, buy, wrap and send gifts to loved ones

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Don’t buy Dad another tie. Let your Personal Little Helper handle things for you. Message a real ... More

Editor's review

Published 28 Dec 2015

Santa isn't the only person who's been working hard for Christmas, it appears. Im told that his elves get through a fair amount of work too. According to reports, there are elves who wrap up presents, others that track the weather and more that pack up the sleigh. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the rest of us had our own personal 'elf' to help out when we are buying gifts for our loved ones? Well, maybe now there is...

Elves is a gift shopping app for iPhone and iPad that gives you the gift of a personal concierge to help you pick, wrap and deliver presents to the ones you love most - wherever they may be. But wait, i hear you say. Surely there are heaps of shopping assistant apps out there that offer a similar service. Indeed there are. The difference between this one and the rest, however, is that your personal little helper in Elves is always exactly the same person. This elf will get to know you and understand your buying habits, giving you a much better chance of finding just the right gift to suit both your style and the receiver's taste.

So, how does Elves work? Amazingly enough, it's very simple. Sign up and you will be paired up with a real concierge who's aim is to get to know you. From then on, you can just send your gifting expert a message and tell them what you are looking for. They may ask you a few questions to get an idea of what you are looking for and, based on those discussions, they will send you tailored gift recommendations straight away. If they find something you like you can say yes on the spot. Your concierge will purchase the gift for you and handle everything else. They will buy, gift-wrap and ship the gift for you and even follow it up to make sure it was delivered intact and on time.

The real beauty of Elves is, of course, that you will always deal with the same person every time you need to buy a gift. There are no algorithms or bots involved - it's a real person. It's the same person who does all the searching, buying and delivery for you. The more you use the service, the better your concierge will get to know you and the recommendations will get better and better. Not only will this app save you time but it will also save you money.

It may be a little late for Christmas this year but, given that our lives all seem to get busier and busier, it might be well worth taking a note of Elves whenever you need to send a gift in a hurry or want to find the perfect gift for the ones that you love. The app's best feature is, of course, it's personalized concierge element and its brilliant that you'll only ever deal with the one real person each time you message them. That expert 'elf' will have gotten to know your likes and dislikes after a few visits, making your shopping experience smoother and easier. Elves is available for iOS and is completely free to download.

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