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Published 29 Jul 2012

Email advertising has lived for the last few years, rather unfairly i believe, with the word spam stamped firmly across its forehead. But it seems a little pedantic to single out this excellent advertising service when we are bombarded with ads right, left and centre everywhere we look. Especially when it has proven to be so successful.  EmailIt is an easy to use and highly professional email marketing application that let's you create, send, track and analyze sophisticated email campaigns. With so many new online (as well as land based) competitors trying to capture your customers attention  it is beginning to look obvious that you will have to work harder to maintain or advance your trade. EmailIt is a highly versatile geolocatable application that can deliver your story better and with greater reliability.
With online marketing being so competitive these days and email proven to reach more people worldwide than any other, one  of the most interesting and highly effective advertising strategies for businesses is email marketing. It has to be considered as a highly versatile and effective conduit for communication with no geographical limitations. EmailIt is a free email marketing service that lets you create, send and track HTML email campaigns and adds the robust tools that sophisticated marketers like to use - segmentation, a/b testing and ROI tracking - to analyze vital areas of your advertising campaigns. Whats more, because the platform uses an Application Programming Interface (API,) it is easy to integrate with internal systems like Salesforce and web applications like Magento,  Drupal, and Wordpress. The main aim of any advertising technique is to reach out to as many people as possible and attain the maximum exposure There is little doubt that digital advertising does it better than most. EmailIt avoids the spam tag by giving you the unique chance to choose your audience wisely and target a particular group of people while sending out your advertisement via emails. The enormous benefits of internet marketing can also be garnered by a blogger or website owner by simply adding an email subscription form. Design your email from 100's of beautiful, industry-specific email templates to send your customers and trigger them sequentially or filter them on the control panel. Auto-responders provide you with the right tools including built-in spam checks, optimizations as well as inbox previews. You can send an unlimited number of mailing lists with limitless contacts and with the ability to manage them as you choose.
Email marketing has had some bad press in the past but it's hard not to be impressed by its depth of coverage. EmailIt delivers plenty of credibility to email marketing with this application that has an impressive array of tools that will enable you to design, trigger, geolocalize, customize and analyze your email campaign to encourage better return on income. At US$5 per month for up to 2000 emails it's great for localized small business but there are deals up for up to 100,000 if you are a big player. If you want to try it out and see if it is right for you there is a free plan for up to 100 emails a month available now. Times are tough...maybe it's time for an email campaign.

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