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Developer description

EmailFormLogix is an online email form builder.
The email form builder is based on the FormLogix form builder engine.
It is a WYSIWYG tool and it requires zero coding skills. It enables you to create custom email forms quickly and easily and have the submitted data sent to you via email without writing a single line of code.
Whether you are a senior web developer or just a web site owner, the
EmailFormLogix tool can make your life easier and much cheaper.
If you need an email form builder, web forms, email forms, html forms,
surveys, polls or just a simple web form this is the place for you!
Learn more about email forms.
EmailFormLogix provides a Free Trial version and a Pro version. The Pro version prices are extremely low, starting at only $0.99 per month for unlimited email form submissions. Try it for free now.
Using the EmailFormLogix you can create a vast number of email forms:
Contact us forms, Feedback forms, Events registration forms,
Surveys, Leads forms.

Last updated 6 Apr 2011