Developer description

With, you can create a more professional email address with your domain name, which can then be forwarded to more personalized email addresses. For example, you can set up email forwarding on an email like [email protected], which looks professional.

The emails coming to the address will, however, be forwarded to a more personal address of your choice (gmail/yahoo/...). With this, you will have access to your emails at all times instead of waiting until you log onto a proprietary platform.

When you need to change the true destination of the email (for example taking on new staff), it is as simple as updating the email forwarding credentials.

Are you tired of checking multiple mailboxes? Managing multiple email accounts can be a hassle. Apart from having to check each of them for new correspondence, you have to also worry about protecting the contents of each of them from cybercriminals. With email forwarding, you can set up multiple email-forwards that will allow you to combine email addresses in one mailbox you can manage easily.

Last updated 12 Mar 2020

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