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Developer description

Do you have a product, service, or website that you need to integrate real-time email verification with? If so then Emailtor’s API is the partner to do it with.
Sample API Applications

> E-Commerce shopping carts or checkout systems? Our API will ensure your customers enter a valid email address and receive their order details, saving your business crucial customer service time. Email Verification API

> Lead generation websites, forums, and blogs? The Emailtor API will minimize your visitors from entering false or typo based emails.

> Customer Service Call Center? Our API will give your business the ability to add real-time verification to customer email collection while reducing the chances of incorrectly typed email addresses.

> Run a SaaS, online service, social media product, or ANYTHING that requires a user’s email during signup? Once again, Emailtor’s API will work!

Last updated 3 Mar 2013