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Book your pet a holiday rather than a basket on the roof of the car

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Embarkly is a fun, new dog boarding search engine that takes the headache out of finding the ... More

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Published 14 Jun 2012

So what do you do with the family dog or cat when you are going on holiday? Pack the poor pooch into a dog basket on the roof of the car like Mitt Romney, maybe? Get someone in to feed the animal or farm them out to friends? Or you could send them off on a holiday, too. Embarkly is a pet and travel search engine application that turns your hunt for a boarding kennel into a well organized and somewhat fun enterprise. This free app lets you search out the best kennels for your beloved pet based on location, price and the amenities available.
Embarkly is a fun, new dog and cat boarding search engine that takes the headache out of finding the perfect care provider for your dog or cat. Embarkly lets you quickly and easily search thousands of boarding kennels by location, price, and amenities with pictures and reviews.  It will show you the best and most trusted businesses that match your pet’s needs. Stop spending hours browsing across websites and making dozens of phone calls. Read exclusive reviews from Embarkly customers about local boarding providers. Once you've found the right business its easy to make a reservation online. Embarkly makes it easy to search, compare and book the perfect boarding kennel for your beloved pet in as little as five minutes. Whether you’re looking for travel accommodation, daycare, grooming or training, Embarkly organizes the most trusted care providers into one marketplace online and you’ll find the most relevant information to help you make one of the most important decisions—finding the best care for your pet.
It's never easy deciding what to do with the family pet when you go away for a few days or on holiday. There are so many horror stories about bad boarding kennels that you really do need to do a bit of research to find one that has been reviewed well, is close to where you want to be or at home and isn't the price of a five star hotel. Embarkly does all the hard work for you and you can pick your destination for the family pet based on other people's recommendations - and there is little more to put your mind at rest than that. Alternatively you can give Mitt a call and ask him if you can borrow his pet basket.

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