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Published 5 Dec 2011

I suppose there comes a time in most people’s lives when they are actually pleased to see a lawyer riding in from the distance. This feeling of relief will be felt no less strongly if you’ve just been involved in a road accident or are about to be arrested for driving under the influence or whilst intoxicated. Whilst the friendly lawyer won’t exactly be riding in from the distance with this app he or she will only be as far away as your pocket. And as long as you’re not too intoxicated or “influenced”, a few dextrous movements of the thumbs will get you some immediate advice and a whole host of other helpful features.

The app recognizes that people often panic in these situations and are likely to incriminate themselves and so provides examples of what to say, or probably more accurately, what not to say!

Practically everything you need is available and the GPS system will track where you are and can notify up to three family members of your predicament. It can also provide details of suitable lawyers in the vicinity and gives you the option of calling them right away.

Obviously gathering clear evidence of any accident is vital and it’s easy to take a photograph on your mobile phone and upload it to emerginfo to go along with the other information you’ll be guided to include.

In cases of intoxication or driving under the influence the app can provide you with fast tips on your rights surrounding portable breath tests and subsequent blood tests. If you really feel it’s necessary there is even a function that allows you to record up to 30 minutes of conversation with the nice police officer who’s just pulled you over, all for the record of course.

After all that if you’re really stuck out on a limb the system can let you have the details of local cab companies meaning that you won’t even have to walk home.


I’m not sure it would be a good idea to let the police know you’re recording them but this app does have some very useful features that should help steady the panic that sets in when faced with this sort of situation.

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