Developer description

Do you love Emoji and Emoticons? Do you enjoy when they move? With Emoji Animated you can personally animate your Emojis! Choose any two Emojis or Emoticons and put them together to make them move around!

Create winking Emojis, Hugging Emojis, Kissing Emojis, Dancing Emojis, Thumbs up Emojis, and many more!

You can also animate text to add to your animated Emojis! Write a message and animate the whole thing. Make your animated greeting scroll left or right, up or down! Customize your text, its color, the background color, the animation speed, the size of the animation, and the kind of animation!

Send your messages and Emojis to your friends in texts or emails. Your animated message possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity!

Last updated 5 Dec 2012