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emoteShare, pronounced (ee-mote-share) and spelled with a lower case “e”, is a web app and ... More

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Published 13 Sep 2013

emoteShare is a very useful little cloud based tool that might well give you the same amount of information that a much more expensive feedback tool will deliver. This simple yet clever advice and communication tool for web publishers gives you a plugin giving you an easy way to analyze social media opinions on your site or page. Just create your plugin at the website, paste it on your page and get immediate reactions as your customers offer their opinions on any questions you want answers to or polls that need winners or losers.
It takes a lot of time and effort to sift through the chaotic posts and social media and discover the authentic reactions to your content. emoteShare gives you instant accurate reactions to your digital content and products all in one location. If you are a web publisher or you simply want to gauge your web visitors opinions on a particular subject, this is a hassle free and intuitive web app and social platform that is dedicated to adding a unique and fun twist to the way that you collect and share your opinions. Simply create an emoteShare app plugin, paste it into your website and the app instantly compiles data on reactions from your audience as they interact with the app. The app is a great tool for getting audiences to interact directly with your web content while on their mobiles and on the go. They just have to select one of the three colorful emoticon faces that best represent their reaction to the content that they are  viewing and click on it.  The plugin then updates a live social reaction meter under the emoticon faces and shows you  how others are reacting to the same content that you are viewing in real-time.
Whether you are running a website or simply looking to gauge reactions to a new product, emoteShare is a great free plugin that provides a very quick way to engage and connect with your audiences in a fun way - and in real-time. It also helps you save money and cut down on the time it takes to analyze your digital content on your social networks for authentic feedback. While the app doesn't get quite as serious as deeply analyzing your ratings it also isn't quite as mundane as writing a lengthy review. It sits nicely in between and genuinely makes it easy to quickly gauge your audience's reaction and opinion on the fly. emoteShare Is an easy to use and lightning fast app that will help to analyze your visitors reaction and give you authentic feedback for your content.

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