Developer description

whether you're happy mad sad or whatever mood is you can play this game. The new Emotion Shooter is based on classic Bubble Shooter designed in mid 90's. Main objective of Emotion Shooter is to strike down the emotions by bursting minimum of 3 similar emotions together . No rocket science involved in this emotion shooter . Playable for every age.
The app Emotion Shooter is a free game app designed for Android . The game was coded in Unity . The game requires no buy in or no life system you can play 24/7 without any problems. Main focus of the developer was to designed a free for life time app to serve the community of Android based users with a classic game . The most simple app of 2015 now released for free on android. Emotion shooter can change your emotions in no time . Moreover Emotion Shoot has 250 levels of thrill and fun.One does not simply end this game easily so hurry download now and play every level with different emotions.
So don't waste time lets download the free Emotion Shooter and start striking in 3.2.1...... GO How to play: 1.Tap where you want the ball. 2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.

Last updated 15 Apr 2015