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Empathyo – a FREE social networking app (iOS), great for connecting your virtual friends ... More

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Published 20 Apr 2012

The excellently named Empathyo is a free social networking application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that enables you to share your events in the real world with your online friends in your favorite social network. Rather than phoning everyone up to tell them your plans for the day or week or sending out mail outs, you can just set up your details in Empathyo and share the details with social networking and Facebook friends. Equally, you can see what the rest of your friends are up to and meet up with them easily.
Empathyo is a free social networking app (iOS) which is great for connecting your virtual friends and the real world. It’s so simple now to set a group action or to go out with a few friends without having to go through the laborious business of sorting out how to contact everyone and calling, mailing, sending SMS or IMs. With Empathyo you can discover the interesting places around you and invite your friends to go out or discover which of your friends already had the same thing in mind and you can join up with their party. To deliver this great and unique experience Empathyo have introduced advanced technologies combining social networking, geo location and points of interest. There is another little bit of fun to be had too. There's an added tool that creates cute little characters that describe your present mood. So rather than updating your Facebook as PMT-ish or Sick as a dog you can illustrate your update with a character that sums up your present mood.
Empathyo is a fun way of getting your message across to your social friends without having to go through the whole rigmarole of calling, mailing or messaging them or creating an event on Facebook. it's a very simple app to use which will encourage your more Ludditesque friends to handle it easily and, pretty soon they will be filling in events like they are going out of style. And that includes your mother. So, to keep everyone filled in and on the ball as to where you would like to go to dinner tonight you can utilize this free app...and keep your mobile bills down to a minimum.

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