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Emperium epos software for fashion
From 16 years of our inception, Emperium epos fashion software is the top choice of many fashion retailers in the fashion industry. In the technically ahead environment, every business including fashion needs perfection in the work. So there is a necessity of fashion management software for fashion retailers to be effective in the business. Fashion point of sale software can manage a standalone store or multiple stores.
Emperium epos fashion software is suitable for wide variety of retailers in the fashion industry. Fashion software can give excellent support to retailers like fashion, footwear, sportswear, fabrics, linens and curtains, fashion accessories and more.
Functionalities of epos fashion management software
Epos direct provides the top selling, award winning epos software for fashion retailers. Emperium epos fashion software indulges lots of advanced technical features yet very simple to use with greater user interface. Using epos software for fashion you will be able to maintain your store more effectively than ever before. All the sales can be done using the barcode which reduces shrinkage and employee thefts. Prices can be assigned differently with respect to color, size and style. Adding or deletion of the products is easy, accurate and fast with Emperium epos software for fashion. As a part of promotions epos fashion software you will be able to generate gift coupons, gift vouchers, or issue loyalty cards to the valued customers
System features epos software for fashion
As soon as the sale is happened in your fashion store, epos fashion software generates a bill on the paper. Our intelligent fashion software will allow you to add company information, promo message to the receipts. Keeping them aside, epos software for fashion will allow you to provide access rights to the employee, eye on the stock like reordering the minimum stock and stock location.
Useful reports generation using epos fashion software
Emperium epos fashion software will allow you to generate lots of useful reports that will increase your profits and business. Generate customer report using the epos fashion software which includes details like customer name, email, last date of visit etc. sales reports which includes annual, monthly, weekly, daily sales reports or timely reports. Generate employee reports like employee performance report or total sales done by a particular employee. Using the reports generated by epos fashion software you can scale the performance of the store. With continuous usage of the epos software for fashion the software can become the best partner you can trust in the business.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015