Developer description

Intigo is one of the best employee attendance tracker app it provides high accuracy and the right time of location check in and check out. We have a very user-friendly and great application to track and locate your employee with reporting features. Office attendance would be the best features of the multinational company (MNC), whenever company track the employee attendance, track location, and it would be the best benefits for an employee.

Employee attendance is made easier through an intigo app that allows track time and employee absences, employee attendance, office attendance and also creates flexible and configurable attendance policies to manage employee time and attendance.

We design This Application that make you trust the technology in a way that no one does.
There are some Amazing services like...

-->Check Attendance
Having an option of check in/out makes it effortless for you to check availability of the employees directly through mobile phones.

-->Check Reports
Keeping a track of the daily work done by the employees is the feature which can allocate the daily tasks and DRS

-->Assign Projects
Assigning projects to your staff with various tasks, along with the current status option! However, you can assign task to a single employee or a team of employees with a particular chat option.

-->Track location
Using the GPS technology, we tried to deliver the facility to procure live location of an office and marketing staff as well.

-->Monthly reports
Monthly reports keeps the record of total working hours of whole staff, along with the number of leaves taken by them. This can also keep the track of an hourly basis salary

-->News feeds
By installing our web application one can get the latest pop-ups of what is happening around the world. This will assist you to always stay updated.

- Intigo has much other function like Daily Reporting, Employee attendance, Daily Task, Monthly report, Project assign, Task chat, News feeds and many more useful function which makes your daily office work simpler & Easier.

- intigo, Gives you option to Manage your account form Android and iOS Application as well as Webpage, You can access it form any where any time.

Last updated 2 Jan 2018

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