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EmployeeConnect provides you with all the tools you need to manage your workforce in the cloud. From recruitment and onboarding, through to performance and training, and all the way to succession planning. This integrated HR software lets you streamline any business process easily, so you can go paperless while improving compliance by enforcing transparent and consistent business rules. Leverage the power of analytics with data-driven insights across your entire workforce, and make better decisions, faster. By automating administrative tasks, you can free up time for you and your team to focus on strategy and deliver high business value. Visit our website to organise a live product demo or sign up to our free trial.

EmployeeConnect HR software features include:

- Performance Management
- Learning Management
- Work Health & Safety Management
- Remuneration Management
- Recruitment
- Analytics
- Recognition
- Succession Planning

Available in 13 languages.

Explore solutions that scale as you grow:

EmployeeConnect Kiosk Plan- FREE FOREVER!!!
Our entry-level plan lets you go paperless and is completely free. Access Employee Self-Service (ESS), integrated workflow functionalities, core HR, leave management and payslip management.

EmployeeConnect Cirrus - From $5/user per month
Your journey towards integrated HR starts here. Ideal for businesses up to 300 employees, Cirrus offers an end-to-end HR solution to recruit, onboard and motivate your people using one single platform.

EmployeeConnect Pro Plan - From $9/ user per month
Get extra functionalities when you need them. Combine the power of Cirrus with any other functionality your might need. Simply submit your requirements and will develop it for you.

EmployeeConnect Enterprise Plan - POA
Get access to our developers API so you can build your HR, your way. Stay in control with the stability and security you need to manage resources and costs while meeting compliance requirements.

Last updated 23 Sep 2016

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