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EmpXtrack is a full featured global HR and talent management software on the cloud. It automate ... More

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Published 15 Apr 2014

Up until the last few years, the whole business of human resources (or HR) has proved to be a rather fractured one in the business world. Sure, the big businesses have had it nailed down for a while but companies with a limited budget tended to either have one person with a spreadsheet or the work was covered by several different departments. Unless its a pretty small organization, it's rare to see the same people who hire and fire staff involved in staff performance reporting and getting the best out of your workers. EmpXtrack is a ground-breaking and all encompassing recruitment and employee management app that tracks every aspect of an employee's life-cycle from recruitment to eventual exit and includes some very useful tools to chart and monitor performance management and encourage employee growth.
EmpXtrack Solution Suite is a full-featured, cloud-based, global business app that covers the whole gamut of HR and talent management, including the systems, processes and tools necessary to automate all HR processes and increase employee output. It includes HRIS, payroll, appraisal and self services - including leave, travel and expenses, claims and timesheet - as well as applicant tracking, benefits administration, goal setting and much more. Choose any of the six different easily customizable modules to track every aspect of your employees' life-cycles from beginning to end (and everything in between.) The app gives access to all relevant employee data as well as delivering reports and analytics that enable you to quickly identify areas that...