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Developer description

As an EMS worker, second-guessing odometer readings or manually checking your mileage are not the best uses of your time. EMS Tracker, developed and field-tested with actual emergency service personnel, will automatically generate accurate response logs with the push of a single button. Concentrate on the emergency situation at hand and leave the recording to us.

When an emergency call comes in, EMS Tracker will log key response events based on the motion of your emergency vehicle. These response events include dispatch time, drive time, mileage, and on-scene time. EMS Tracker even allows you to save your most frequently-used destinations such as hospitals and dispatch centers. Additionally, EMT Tracker saves infinite calls indefinitely to ensure that you never lose another minute or mile.

- Start a call and log key events: Dispatched, Enroute, Stopped, On Scene and Destination.
- Display and log Speed and Distance
- History to review all past calls
- Proximity detection for automatically alerting you of saved Destinations
- Customizable settings to fine-tune your control

Last updated 15 Feb 2013