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Published 9 Nov 2012

If there is one thing that has emerged from the recent US election it is that, whether you approve of the massive political advertising campaigns or not, the behind-the-scenes fundraisers did an incredible job of getting people to donate. It's said that each side raised and spent close to a billion dollars on their campaigns over the period. Inspiring people to donate has moved on from the cold calls of old to a much more analytical method of coaxing the last dollar out of their donors. Encore takes a new approach to fundraising and engaging donors for non profit organizations by inspiring action and raising money with a new way of getting the story across.
Encore takes a completely new approach to donor engagement with the launch of this next generation storytelling web application aimed specifically at small to medium sized charities and non-profit organizations. It is an interactive, story-based email communications platform with a built-in marketing strategy and intuitive design, Encore aims to engage grassroots supporters by capturing stories, videos and photos as they happen and sharing them with supporters via email in minutes - saving time while you go on your way and engage more donors. The developers realized that small charities simply don’t have the time and expertise to execute effective online campaigns to fully rally grassroots supporters. As a result, an average nonprofit loses 6 of every 10 donors each year and thousands of dollars worth of social impact. Encore was developed specifically to solve...