Developer description

EncryShare offers a free one-click file sharing service. No waiting time, no speed throttling, and no ads; military grade AES-256 file encryption; a geographically distributed cloud service built on top of an OpenStack cloud. Files are brought to recipients through Akamai Content Delivery Network, which has delivery servers all over the world.

Basic tier is freely available without registration. Registered users get bigger free quotas and bonuses. Paid users can share files of unlimited sizes.

Service focuses on delivering high quality and annoyance-free file sharing technology to users. Features include:

- Free one-click file upload without registration or ads
- Unlimited up-/download speeds for all users
- Absolutely no waiting time. Recipient can start downloading in mere seconds after the upload started before the file is fully uploaded.
- AES-256 encryption. Files are encrypted before they are uploaded and encryption key (password) is never transferred anywhere from the user's computer.
- Service is released as open source (available on GitHub) so that anyone can review the security of the service.

Last updated 14 Nov 2014