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Published 19 Aug 2015

Many years ago, one of the great things about going to your local bar or pub was to discuss and debate the issues of the day. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost that interaction of late. Not only are our 'watering holes' closing down at a faster rate than DVD stores, it takes some effort to hold a decent conversation over the sounds of one arm bandits and bad music. These days, the Internet has taken over when it comes to discussions about news and current affairs. Only trouble is...many newspapers are charging a subscription fee if you want to take more than a cursory look at a news story. Given that information, it would be great to find a good free news site that also caters for discussion and social interaction. Engage News fits that bill perfectly. Not only does it provide up-to-date news stories from the best sources but it also allows you to read and save interesting stories, post opinions and comments and interact with other readers.

Engage News is a social news application for iOS and Android where you can read the news and post comments and share real opinions on articles in an open, uncensored forum. You can use it to keep up with the latest news from all of the major media outlets including NPR News and The Drudge Report. The top stories are updated throughout the day over thirteen different categories and you can save the stories that you find most interesting...