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England to win the World Cup? Show your support with fanchants and ringtones!

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A must-have song and ringtone app for England Football Supporters during World Cup 2014.

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Editor's review

Published 25 May 2014

With the Brazil World Cup just around the corner, there's one question all English supporters are asking themselves. Do England have a realistic hope of claiming the trophy? Well, it would be silly to completely rule out a team containing the Liverpool trio of Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Stirling and likely captain Stevie Gerrard not to mention brilliant goalkeeper Joe Hart and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney but it's still very hard to go past a South American country holding up the trophy on July 13th. English supporters are infamous for their vocal support for their team and the England World Cup Ringtones application is the perfect
When you look at the quality of the England football team there's no doubt that, if everything went according to plan, they definitely could win the whole cat and caboodle. Baines, Cahill, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere and Adam Lallana all have the ability to beat anyone on their day but, once you go past those it gets a bit thin. Besides, as we know only too well, England always manage to extract defeat from the jaws of victory in major competitions. All the more reason to show your support for your country. England World Cup Ringtones is the must-have song and ringtone application for England Football Supporters for the Brazil World Cup 2014, beginning on the 12th of June. It lets you listen to and play over thirty classic England football songs and all of the chants are 100% authentic and sung by real fans. There's also a free England ringtone to show your support for the lads during the competition and you can listen to all the chants offline with no internet connection or roaming needed. You can easily upgrade for just 99p and use all the chants as ringtones for your Android.
FanChants is the top dog website when it comes to football chants from all over the world. Every month they are sent recordings of hundreds of soccer songs and fan chants from all corners of the earth. This ensures that all the chants are completely authentic and up-to-date lyrically. Songs range from all time standards like God Save The Queen (no, not the Sex Pistols version) and Rule Brittania to modern funnies like Super Frank Lampard and the masterpiece We're 'Aving A Laugh -I'm not so sure Frank will be in the squad though, unfortunately. England World Cup Ringtones is an easy-to-use app that is the perfect companion to the second biggest sporting competition in the world.

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