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Children nowadays explore the world very fast. They are confident in pressing computer keys, they learn from an early age how to use mobile devices and many of them have cell phones as their favorite toy. Our children are more advanced users of modern technologies than we were at their age.
Today children have to start learning English at the age of 7 or even earlier. However, it is very difficult to make them interested in books: they are children and they want to play games. Educational apps for mobile devices are the best find for parents. Children will get knowledge while playing them.
«English for kids with Benny» is a great app for beginners. Your child will learn the most basic and frequently used vocabulary: names of colours, fruits, animals, digits and numbers, greetings and many other words. Colourful images, mini-games and recordings of words pronunciation will help to grasp new information.
There are 14 topic sections and each contains several mini-games and dialogues. All the tasks can be done as many times as you want as the words for them are picked randomly and they almost never appear twice. A child will have learned spelling, pronunciation and meaning of more than 350 words by the completion of all the topics. Little elephant Benny and his friend Gabi will help your child with the study and transform it into a fascinating game!
Using this app, your child will get pleasure from studying English. You will not have to make him be at books. The app is especially convenient because you can keep your device with you wherever you go.

Last updated 15 Mar 2014

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