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A free spelling learning game for kids(Preschoolers). This english practice app will help your child to improve spellings of fruits, animals, vegetables and sports items. Amazing sound and high quality photos of each object's add more fun.

Kids Spelling Learning is best Educational game helps kids to learn spelling. This game having more than 200 words, it will improve your kids vocabulary. Graphics effects of this app will give entertainment to your toddler. This is the best kids english learning game ever for every child. It will give much knowledge to your lovely little.

In this game we include basic spelling of fruits, animals, vegetables and sports items. All the objects with its image and sound. So kids will improve their speech skills.

Features of this game:

- Amazing sound
- Every object with picture
- Easy spelling learning way
- More added fun with graphics and music
- Simple and more popular words
- High quality graphics
- Professional voice recorded in studio
- Easy to understand technique
- Drag and drop objects
- Voiceovers help your child to speak how to say word

Kindergarten can learn easily spelling with useful features. Best spelling exercise for kids. This Spelling Learning app convert your mobile into english classes.

How to play:

1. Open English Learning Kids Games.
2. Select level from Animal, Vehicle, Fruits and Vegetables.
3. After selecting level you will see a picture, then after you have to recognise spelling of that picture.
4. Tap spelling letters in sequence and make complete spelling. EX APPLE
5. Get your gifts

Download this English Learning Kids Games for free and get school in your mobile. If you have any suggestion about this game write us on [email protected] we love to here from you.

Last updated 26 Dec 2016

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