Developer description

Have you ever wondered how good your English speaking voice is? Want to improve and sound like a native language speaker? Finally, here is the app for that! Englishly will help you practice and improve your pronunciation. Simply listen to the phrase, tap record, speak, and then receive a score out of 5 stars based on how accurate you were. Practice again to improve!
* Over 900 phrases all for free (ad-supported, or buy the phrases for a small fee).
* Categories including: business, hospitality, food, making friends, time, weather, shopping, entertainment, travel, and directions.
* Demonstration voice to help you learn the correct way to say the phrase.
* Record your voice and receive a score out of 5 based on your accuracy.
* Save your voice and replay it so you can hear what you sound like.
Master beginner to advanced conversation quickly and easily by spending a few minutes daily practicing with Englishly.

Last updated 10 Apr 2015

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