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Published 7 Dec 2011

Poor employees, gone are the days when you could finish a shift and forget about the boss until the next one. Once upon a time you could even ignore the ringing of the telephone just in case it was him with a desperate invitation to do some more hours. I’m being a little unfair perhaps. Although Enigmai does give business owners a greater chance of success at contacting employees out of hours that’s not all it can do. As a scheduler it not only manages shifts but can monitor attendance as well as acting as a useful employee management system.

With a simple interface and easy to follow instructions the desk diary, spreadsheets and sticky notes of the past can be confined to the trash. With a good level of collaboration included the staff can get involved in setting their shift patterns and keeping bang up to date with issues fundamental to their working week.

With everything web based it doesn’t matter which location a member of the team is based. Staff can log when they are available and pick suitable shifts and arrange exchanges with colleagues. All of this is of course subject to parameters set out by the man at the top.

As well as setting the timetable for shifts this system can also track time as the system punches a virtual attendance clock whenever a member of staff starts work. This can provide useful information when analyzing performance and comparing productivity.

With a system that can allow for 24/7 communication and provide reports on things such as work scheduled versus work completed you certainly get a lot of bang for what initially looks like a simple scheduler.


It looks like the only way out of hearing from your boss these days is to claim an aversion to mobile phones and the internet on religious grounds! 

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