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Put a voiceover on your photos

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Published 5 Jul 2012

[cont'd] huh? Do you have lots of friends? No problem. Enpixa lets you access your contacts app and lets you create groups so you can send pixas to lots of people at once. Same photo, new audio? They thought of that too. Create one pixa to share with your Mom and another one for your best friend. No Wi-Fi or cell access? That’s OK. Enpixa saves your unsent pixas so you can choose to send them when you do have Wi-Fi.
The name Enpixa is derived from the phrase "encapsulated audio and picture" which is just about what this photo share app is all about. You don't have to record your thoughts when you create your picture but, if you don't, think what it was like the last time you looked at a friends photos and wished to God he'd put a description on it. Besides, recording your personal thoughts is really cool, I think. What I do like is the ability to record different voiceovers for the same photo. There are some photos that are just screaming out for a private joke that not everyone will get. Enpixa is easy to use and completely free.