Developer description

Built for digital agencies and search marketers alike, Enquisite Search Analytics captures the longtail for you. Spend less time mining for data and more time optimizing and increasing conversion rates.
Visual Search Analysis
Enquisite provides highly visual reporting on search referral traffic and rankings down to the postal/zip code worldwide. Quickly understand which pages and terms garner valuable visitors. And know exactly where in the SERPs they show up by engine.
Know Search Behavior
Improve your search marketing efforts by knowing more about how habits of search users vary across different geographical regions. Personalize your search campaigns using local terms to increase traffic and improve conversion rates.
Optimize the Longtail
The longtail of search referrals not only generates sizeable amounts of traffic, it’s also full of keywords with a high potential to convert. Enquisite exposes the longtail for you, so more time is spent optimizing and converting it.

Last updated 15 Mar 2010

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