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Enso Cloud is a cloud CMS featuring on-site editing, simple HTML templating and managed hosting. ... More

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Published 4 Jun 2012

Enso Cloud is kind of a dream come true if you are wanting to maintain and edit items of your website and you do not have the skill or knowledge to deal with complicated codes. This cloud based customer management system (CMS) features on-site editing, simple HTML templating and managed hosting but it's the editing capabilities that sets it apart from many similar applications.  Edit your work purely by turning it on and blue outlines appear around anything that is editable making things oh-so-easy for the inexperienced client.
Enso Cloud is a web design, hosting and CMS application that your clients will love with it's on-site editing capabilities which uses the website as the CMS. Just turn on the editor and blue outlines magically appear around anything editable. It's that simple and perfect for the non-technical client. Not having to spend large amounts of time dealing with codes means you can unleash your creativity without getting bogged down in backend code. With Enso tags you can create anything from a single editable content area to navigation lists to structured repeatable content. It’s super simple yet incredibly powerful. Managed Hosting Enso Cloud is more than just a CMS however as it comes with hosting from Rackspace Cloud and is fully managed by their staff so you don't have to worry about setting up servers or installing software. Rackspace were chosen because they provide world-class hosting that is fast, secure and very reliable. Manage all your client websites from a single Enso Cloud account using the designer control panel. If you need to add a new website, add a domain or delete a CMS user then Enso Cloud makes it very easy with the simple web-based tools that keep you in control.
Without a doubt, Enso Cloud's main pulling power for the web designer is its simplicity of use. Because of the complexity of most editing using complicated coding many don't even attempt to deal with it and hand it over to a third party but Enso Cloud puts editing into the hands of anyone who has a reasonable knowledge of web design and makes it faster and simpler. It's a cost effective way of dealing with editing your website for the small business as well as larger ones. For just US$19 per month for individuals and up to US$100 per month for bigger businesses it could be just what you are looking for.

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