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A beautiful free action adventure game that looks as good as it plays

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Enter the Reveries is a new groundbreaking side-scrolling mobile game that is hand-illustrated ... More

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Published 22 Nov 2019

It's not often that you get a game that looks like a million dollars and plays that way too. Usually, you tend to get one or the other. There's plenty of games out there that have lavish graphics but leave a lot to be desired when it comes to gameplay. Equally, there are a whole heap of games out there that play real well but are lacking somewhat in the visual department. But here we have an action game that seems to cover all bases. Enter The Reveries is an interactive action adventure side-scrolling game for iOS that gives one the feeling of being in a lavish manga movie with glorious worlds, great characters and challenging gameplay. 

Reveries is a ground-breaking mobile game that is hand illustrated in eight distinct art styles by digital artist Gary Adrian Randall. It's quite mind-blowing to look at and will often leave you open mouthed as you scroll through the highly detailed worlds that the artist has created. The rich and colorful animations help to weave the storyline together and create an almost hallucinogenic visual experience as you guide your character through the lands and prevent the melancholy and sadness from overtaking Clowntown. 

For the game itself you have to guide your character through 24 eye-popping stages to unlock 100 collectible clown cards in order to reveal all the secrets and mythology that Clowntown holds. Choose from eight stunning characters - known as clumsies - that you can customize with 32...