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A beautiful free action adventure game that looks as good as it plays

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Published 22 Nov 2019

[cont'd] ravishing reveries and you'll be able to call on ancient relics as you scroll through the lavish environments to achieve your goal. Enter The Reveries features simple 'one touch' gameplay that grabs the attention perfectly on a short commute to work while the rich characters, detailed storylines and ancient mythology are there to sustain players for a long session at home. 

The playing characters are pretty rich in detail too. Almost gothic in their appearance at times with some - and I'm guessing this is a first - appealing to a gay audience. There are characters like Princess Trinket of the Whiteface Clan who ís much more than the bitchy princess that you first get to meet. You can take her through worlds like the fairy tale kingdom known as Pillow Place where chivalrous knights mix with fairy tale princesses and fire-breathing dragons roam the streets. Each character gets to travel through eight beautifully hand illustrated digital districts - each featuring a different art style like photography, pixel graphics, paper doll art, textures, vector graphics, comic book art, water color and pencil - with three stages per district with twenty four levels to explore in all. 

So, as you can imagine, Enter The Reveries is a pretty impressive piece of work. It's intensely compelling and beautifully designed by Randall and it took him close to three years to fully finish designing it. Reveries is one of those games that is easy to play but damned hard to...