Developer description

It's your skills' product suite - Enterprise skills management (ESM) is an integrated Saas solution that enables enterprises to hire, deploy, develop and engage talent for delivering superior business performance. ESM app is a powerful yet lightweight, easy to use solution designed for business needs of enterprises of all sizes - small, medium and large. Our key differentiation is our innovative skills profiling technology which enables enterprises with a comprehensive and in-depth skills profiling mechanism. Our skills database comprise over 60000+ skills and is spread across all industries, to help the users from the CEO to the junior most employee to build skills database. With more than 60,000 skills database, nothing of this sort is available in market in terms of coverage, depth, simplicity and standardization.
We provide our users with a powerful platform for skills networking that is backed by data Intelligence. Our built-in apps crunch on data at macro/micro level with data intelligence to give insightful analytics for the HR managers and decision makers
Our apps are integrated in a cloud framework, each of which fulfill a particular need in the talent engagement and development process, and are mobile device and tab enabled to give a truly networked global experience.
Priced at just 1 USD per employee per month is one of the most frugal business applications that can be affordable even by small and medium enterprises. With constant addition and improvements in features and possibilities, ESM assures superior RoI on continuing basis.

Last updated 15 Nov 2014