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This is a reverse phone look up server. Trace unknown callers, find if companies really exist or ... More

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Published 3 Nov 2011

Don't you hate it when you get those phone calls around dinner time from some guy in India who says he's in the next town to you and wants to talk you into a new mobile plan? I find it very annoying when they just cut you off when you question them. Or maybe it's someone doing a prank call for Halloween and you want to get them back. So how do you find out the number of the person who called? EphoneReverse is pretty well what you think it is. It let's you see who just called you and if it's a company calling you can see if it really exists.
EphoneReverse is a reverse phone look up server. You can trace unknown callers and find out if companies really do exist (or who is talking to your wife or husband!)  EphoneReview is an answer and advice tool that is simple to use. The interface is basic and hard to mess up. Just type the mystery number into the box and with EphoneRevere.com’s extensive database you stand a good chance of identifying the caller! Alternatively, you can scroll down through the database with region and area codes to narrow down your search. EphoneReverse is useful to uncover the mystery of hoax calls, telemarketers, calls from missing loved ones and even pranksters.

EphoneReverse certainly isn't limited to discovering who your mystery caller is or whether the guy who wants you to invest your hard earned savings in a goldmine in Nigeria. There are a heap of other uses including missed calls and identifying all those phone numbers on post-it notes in the drawer. EphoneReverse is a simple to use free identity answer and directory advice tool that would be useful sitting next to the phone when that nice Indian chap phones up again.

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